Alia Montijo

Chicago IL

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The Particle Dance: innate indeterminacy and the entanglement of observer/observed.

My thesis research  is on the investigation of atoms and subatomic movement. The behavior of the subatomic, called quantum mechanics is the physics theory that explores and describes the motions and interactions of subatomic particles. The aim of the research is to investigate knowledge of the nature of electrons to explore choreographic development of movement and considerations of choreographic form.


Observing an electron or any subatomic particle determines their movement, speed and placement. However, unobserved particles exist in infinite potentiality. This research seeks to embody the infinite potentiality of electrons that exist in trans-materiality and across temporalities to influence movement creation and craft methodical movement pathways. The performative aspect of research embodies the observer-effect and challenges perceptive-based bias by creating a performance environment that obstructs sight lines, thereby creating a performance that counters object reality because movement and intercorporeal exchange exists in its own trajectory even when there is limited or no view. Performative research is designed to challenge expectation regarding the politics prescribed to performing bodies by disrupting assumptions “particularly those that link movement, colonialism, and racism to the questions of presence, visibility, and the ground of dance” (Lepecki). The sub aim of the research is to heighten the visual experience of the spectator  in order to highlightthe conscious construct of perception and draw attention to the pathways of visual contextualization that centers the act of perception on the perceiver and not the perceived.