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Artist Statement

As a dance maker, I am dedicated to crafting choreographic explorations that confront and disrupt gender-based stereotypes, performer objectification, and conventional ideals. My creative impetus is drawn from the vast spectrum of feminist theory, addressing critical issues spanning colonialism, injustice, inequity, politics, ephemerality, physics, and temporality. This compelling inspiration fuels a multifaceted choreographic practice that seamlessly integrates traditional methods with studio-based research, establishing a dynamic interplay between theory and embodiment.

In this practice-based research, I consider movement as both the medium and the message, actively engaging the body as a site for intellectual inquiry and artistic expression. Through rigorous physical exploration, I discover pathways that transcend established codified vocabularies, resulting in somatic solutions rooted in embodied questioning and real-life experiences. This approach is a harmonious fusion of corporeal discovery and technical realization, underpinned by the belief that movement holds the potential to interrogate, challenge, and transform societal narratives.

This choreographic journey, underpinned by an ethos of inquiry, begins with probing questions and matures through movement exploration. The resulting choreographic structures emanate from this process, bearing testimony to the body's role as a dynamic canvas for both personal and collective discoveries. This approach, underscored by the interplay between the organic physical body (körper) and the experiential and subjective body (leib), not only produces choreography but also embodies the essence of the narratives I seek to communicate.

Furthermore, my professional trajectory has been steadfastly committed to making dance accessible to all. This commitment finds its roots in my undergraduate research on the transformative impact of dance enrichment within underserved communities. It extends through my tenure at Columbia College Chicago, where I played a pivotal role in initiating federally-funded after-school arts programs. Most notably, it finds culmination in my establishment of Dance Avondale, a dance school dedicated to providing highly subsidized training. This unwavering dedication to accessibility intertwines seamlessly with my artistic pursuits, forming the bedrock upon which my creative corporeal solutions take shape. As I continue to challenge traditional performer norms, my artistic vision remains deeply aligned with fostering equity, inclusion, and redefining the very essence of dance professionalism.

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